Message From Our Founder


Mario Watson

Founder, Chairman and CEO

I have been blessed.

I have been presented with an opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with a team of dynamic individuals. Our mission is clear: To provide men, women and children in crisis or transition with a stable environment and the opportunity to explore options for their future.

We build with each other.

We believe that together we are worth far more than the sum of our individual parts. We are a group of product owners, engineers and data scientists from all over the globe who believe it is our duty to use the gifts we have been individually given to collectively serve mankind. Our goal is to build a bridge to hope, dignity and life.

We believe in the process.

Our mission is grand, but we will not allow it to dissuade us. Using agile methodologies along with the collective impact model we are able to build and develop solutions to enhance our communities. We find ways to help those facing all levels of homeless through our programs. There are people with us today –– who would not be here without our efforts –– because hope breeds possibility.

We have witnessed miracles.

We have helped numerous individuals recapture their quality of life. We have seen a homeless young adult get the support they needed while attending college. We have watched pain-ridden individuals return to fulfilling lives with family, friends, passion and love.

We will provide hope. We will provide dignity. We will provide life.

Have we saved them all? No. Have we changed the course of their lives and given them moments of grace that they otherwise would not have had? Yes. Have they changed the course of our lives? Definitely. You cannot witness human suffering and loss without being deeply moved. So, we will continue to work on behalf of our communities and join together to fulfill their needs. We will provide hope. We will provide dignity. We will change the face of homelessness. We have collectively summoned our will and it is inevitable.

Please join us in building a bridge to hope, dignity and life for those with no place to call home.